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Mark Wahlberg is one of the most exclusive action stars in recent years with his series of action movies which have been extremely entertaining and action packed. His tough and intimidating roles have been a cornerstone of his career. His most renowned movies which elevated him from an amateur artist to an action star were the Italian Job, The Perfect Storm and The Departed. Another one of his most amazing roles was in Shooter where he played the role of an ex-Marine Sniper. He has been a part of different genres of movies including comedy, when he teamed up with Will Ferrell in The Other Guys and Daddy’s home. His characters in these movies were extremely hilarious and portrayed a tough guy persona which was adored by his fans worldwide.

In our Mark Wahlberg jacket collection we have different varieties of jackets, including Mark Wahlberg Black Jacket, Mark Wahlberg Brown jacket and Mark Wahlberg Biker Jacket. These apparels are made of good quality and durable material which have been tested before being introduced into our stores as we consider customer satisfaction to be our priority.

In our Mark Wahlberg Leather Jacket collection include jackets from his recent movies such as Contraband, Transformers, Max Payne and Four Brothers. The jackets include the Mark Wahlberg Contraband Jacket from the movie Contraband where he fights off mafia and gangsters in order to protect his family. The Mark Wahlberg Four Brothers Jacket is from his famous 2008 blockbuster where he fought to avenge the death of her mother alongside his brothers. The Planet of the Apes Jacket is from his role in the famous Planet of the Apes franchise which has been growing since its remake nearly half a decade ago. The Mark Wahlberg Transformers Jacket is from his debut role in the Transformers franchise which has been one of the famous action movies of the decade. The Mark Wahlberg Max Payne Jacket is from his character in the famous videogame adaptation Max Payne, which is extremely rare and are made of 100% real leather, which is highly durable and comfortable. These jackets are equipped with the state of the art YKK zipper closure and buttoned closures, which reinforce the style of these attires and provide relief by complementing the internally lined viscose material.

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